The madman of palenque
A theory from Pierluigi Peruzzi


Preface Often, during my studies, I throw often my notebooks on the ground, because the teachers, with a very serious face, tell me physical or mathematical nonsensical. One could at that time almost not listen. Maybe they were only the influences of the Cold War, which had infiltrated and ruined our school system. Who knows? Maybe yes, maybe not.

For example, the red sun theory. Immediately recognized this beautiful stupidity. This theory today belongs to the past. Finally!

One day the professor of mathematics proclaimed that the number ZERO was no longer an number! Erased politically! This absurdity finally belongs to the past.

And then the theory of electrons that whirr around the nucleus of atoms in a illogical switchback (against all logic of physics and mathematics), this screwball-theory is finished.

Thanks to the Internet today I can say my opinion. If it is sensible or not, I do not mind its not important. Whot the idiot theories that the teachers said then (during the Cold War) were certainly less sensible.

And now forgive me, if I see the astronaut of Palenque from all over another side. On this sarcophagus the great sculptor shows me amazing things.

  • The conduct of oxygen leads directly to the nose. No air conditioning.
  • The astronaut piloting small spaceship with his foot the.
  • The poor pilot with elastic trousers, a stretch jacket, and walking barefoot.
  • He has a forehead with very opposite angle.
Based on these findings I would say my stone sculpture of Palenque is as follows:

2008.04 Pierluigi Peruzzi - last edition 30.06.2008
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